Balls to The Hall (Why The R&R Hall of Fame sucks and why it still matters)

Good and sensible comments. Strangely enough I heard Gene Simmons commenting on something similar this week with the remark; “Deep Purple not in the R&R HOF, Dolly Parton is, go figure.
I know you were expecting some flack on the “Rock is Dead comment” and here is the start of it. Is Rock dead? No, has it all been done before? perhaps. A well known Rock Journalist for the NME wrote the same line in the early nineties then ate his words after he seen the Smiths.
The same has happened every Seven or eight years as someone new changes things, or at least mixes things up a bit. Is Rock and Roll tired and needing revved up? well of course it is and will be as another new thing hits the shelves. People moan that it is the influence of shows like the x-factor that have dropped the status of the music but it is not, It is the record companies, corporate conglomerations simply out to make a (much more difficult to make) buck.
Just wait and you will see.


Authored by Dale Nickey:

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame continues its reign as the irrelevant pantheon that commemorates all that is famous in the world of ….ahem….Rock and Roll. Never mind that many inductees’ connection to the genre is tenuous at best and non-existent at worst….

Somehow Bobby Darin, Brenda Lee and The Dells have gained admittance while truly subversive and pioneering artists remain on the outs. You all know who they are, Johnny Winter, Jethro Tull,  Yes, The Moody Blues, Bjork, Kate Bush, and Brian Eno.  The British Music industry could fill a Hall of Fame roster all by their lonesome, and that might be part of the problem. America invented Rock and Roll, and as America always does, it eats it’s young and feels bad about it later. The Beatles came and showed us how its supposed to be done. American fans fell hard for The Beatles and…

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What the near future holds

There are currently three new novels on the go, two of which are in a little disrepair; The first, Somerled, has had a few misfires and I am still unsure wither to write it as historical fantasy or fiction though at the moment I err towards the fantasy, but both proceed in two different camps until I make up my mind. The second is Moonchild, which though a novel will be in its own way a sequel to “A River of Tears”
The third which so far has been very easy to write is currently called “Written in the stars” which, though suitable is a title that is a little to twee for me even for what purports itself to be a romance.
It is going great and the fourth and fifth chapters will appear here, under “Stay with me for a while” within the next few weeks. Probably together which will make me late for the fourth instalment and early for the fifth.
Also I have a small shadow fourth project which to be honest I am spending little time on but it is kind of the one I am working on when I go slow with one of the others but letting you into a secret here it is a biblical horror story and is really going rather well and may well become more than just what I write when I am losing with the others. Wait and see.

The middle class

wow, people really do think like that. I am surprised and slightly shocked. But then have we not always known that there are complete idiots amongst us and this woman is one. Not only shallow but stupid as well. I would venture that this woman is the substantive case for the existence of one of the worlds elusive beasts; The posh moron. They hide behind drawn shades at night but peak out and tut at the badly dressed the thinkers, the fasionistas, the bullish and the plain wanting. Women like her should be culled. and not politely but with clubs.

Bleating on about Scot’s Independence

Personally I have never been in favour of Independence for Scotland even though it would mean no conservatives in charge ever again which I consider very much the only argument of worth in favour that I could come up with and it is an important argument.
I would very much like to be in a position where we are not lead by the rich who (with very few exceptions- though I admit that there are some) are very much out for themselves. So normally anything that would limit the power of the Tories over my future and the future of others would very much appeal to me. Independence however, is not the way to go. Had I any doubt about this then for the reason I gave before I would give it a chance, perhaps. However any doubts I had in my mind were sealed today with the comments of a European vice president quoted in the Scotsman today as having said; France and Spain “will surely not” accept an independent Scotland (into the European Union).

I was already worried, for obvious reasons about severing our ties with the United Kingdom.
Worried about defence, Jobs, spending, our huge social services bill, the balance of industry, trade partnerships that would be destroyed, our currency and the state of our banks.
To sever the same ties with our largest trading partner (by far- Europe) would be nothing other than financial suicide. I urge every thinking person not to just have a gut reaction but rather think of the possible consequences of a yes vote. The more I know the more I think a yes vote would cause hardship, instability, a dramatic reduction in trading increasing our national debt which would already be astronomical. Ceasing EEC trade with Europe could well sound a death knell to a fledgling democracy especially one whose fortunes are so deeply tied with Europe at the moment.

least favourite books

anyway I thought this might be a good thing to add. Your least favourite book that you have read. Everyone knows their favourites but the ones that you liked least. Here are mine. My least favourite books that jump to mind are (and I read a lot and so these are particularly terrible);
NB all but the last one have sold over a million copies.
1. Black Hills by Dan Simmons. In this case just becaus…e I always expect something startlingly good from him and this was the one time that he let me down. Please note that is an exception as Mr Simmons books are amongst the best that I have ever read.
2.Das Kapital by Karl Marx; not only mind numbingly boring but seriously flawed in my opinion.
3.Peter Camenzind. by Hermann Hesse; again rather dull and I do not mean to deride an excellent sense for description but three chapters in a row about the shape of a cloud. I do think Hermann had some pretty serious mental problems.
4.A Separate Reality by Carlos Castaneda; what can I say but hogwash hippy mysticism produced for the druggie flower power generation. Get stoned enough and you will believe anything
5.Johnathan Livingstone Seagull; A transforming experience the cover says. Well it transformed me from being a relatively happy individual into a bored individual that hated seagulls even more than I did beforehand.
6. Angela’s ashes; Frank McCourt; A dull dirge of drudgery and dismal direness in a dirty house in a dump in downtrodden and dark drizzly dun coloured Ireland. need I say more….
7.The Sword of Shannara; Terry Brooks; A sad and rather tired rewrite of the Lord of the Rings in my opinion, it is ok while reading it but even when you have read the first chapter you realise that you are wasting your time as you have read it all before.
8. Ubaid pottery shards. Sorry for including this one but nearly three thousand pages long on guess what? yes you guessed ubaid pottery shards. Took me months but I got the degree in the end. Never read unless you have to for an archaeology degree.
9. The unbearable lightness of being; Milan Kundera; Although well written (at least it was in the translated form that I have read) the main male character is so horrible and loathsome that all I could do was feel for his partner and she was not to be liked either. I could not relate to either of them at all. Perhaps Slovaks would I don’t know but not for me.
10. Cornelius by Raymond Walker; I bet not many people include one of their own books in the least liked novels but hey. It is a book of two halves(as they like to say in football) the first an ok historical fiction tale, the second a very dire fantasy. Badly written with little cohesion. do not buy it.